Monday, May 16, 2011


I think they speak for themselves...justin's worn and torn riding dirty booties been knocking....get em old. The new ones do not take too well to soaks and rub downs with a power grinder- they are hard as nails.

They can be procured on ebay if you are lucky***

Make a Name for Yourself

These made to order name plates come in silver or gold or both. You can customize anything from these designers. they love the make!

When i ordered one, they sent me a drawing of my name in a felt tip to see if it was a human rendering.

Monday, March 14, 2011


This tee from Freshjive is one of the most graphic and inappropriate T-shirts I've ever seen. So of course I LOVE IT. It's titled "The Hungry Bird" and has a girl opening her mouth for what may look like a worm, but I'm pretty sure it's some kind of bodily fluid. I didn't have the balls to pick this one up, but I did buy their "Psychosis" tee which has a girl's breast exposed and I will proudly say iis a conversation starter and the ladies love it.

Visit Freshjive's website or stop by the American Rag Co. on La Brea in LA to check out some more raunchy tees from the Freshjive team.


My closest friends know that my favorite basketball player of All-Time is Penny Hardaway. Might seem strange since I grew up in LA and loved Magic Johnson, but when I was in Jr. High and High School Penny Hardaway was the man. His game was unlike anyone's I had ever seen. He was a big PG like Magic, but unlike Magic, Penny loved to dunk. He would dunk on everybody! Little known fact, Penny made First Team All-NBA his second and third season, before his Orlando teammate Shaq would even make his first.

But you know what made Penny extra special? His amazing shoe commercials. Not only did he have some of the sweetest kicks out, but Nike gave him his own mascot. Lil' Penny, the marionette puppet voiced by Chris Rock, became more popular than Big Penny. And with guest spots by a sexy young Tyra Banks made Penny a superstar. I haven't seen Nike market a player that well since pre-Decision Lebron.  The Hybrid Penny's above combine elements from Penny's three most popular models, most notably the ground-breaking Foamposites.

Stop by Sportie LA on Melrose to cop a pair for your collection.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Welcome to Golden Shopping, a subsidiary of Golden Bloggen. Golden Shopping is here to bring you the hottest fashions in Shoes, T-shirts, and more. We are based out of Los Angeles, so of course we will be telling you about the coolest new LA boutiques, models, and fashion lines. Please stay tuned. I see big things in the future. Trust me, this is how Golden Bloggen originally started, now we run LA.

The first post is dedicated to my favorite sneakers of all time. The Nike Air Max 95. The original Neon Green accents along with the gradient gray design is eye popping. And of course those sexy Air Bubbles. Oooh weee.

You can cop them at Undefeated or you nearest Foot Locker.